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Retail Store Insurance

Even the best run retail stores sometimes face challenges. DCI understands the unique liability risks retailers face. Our experts can provide you with a wide range of solutions to manage and stay ahead of any risks that could affect your business. If you do need to make a claim, DCI will be your trusted partner, providing you with a legal defense and covering any damages awarded up to your policy limit.

Basic coverage for retail shops should include:

  • Property insurance for buildings and inventory.

  • General liability insurance for protection against claims and lawsuits.

  • Loss of income insurance, for businesses that are forced to close.

  • Cyber liability insurance can provide compensation for the loss of important data -- such as customer credit card information -- because of damage or theft.

  • Employee dishonesty insurance to protect businesses from theft.

  • Workers' compensation insurance. This coverage pays for medical care and replaces a portion of lost wages for workers who are injured on the job.

  • Commercial car insurance. This typically pays third parties for costs resulting from injuries or property damage that a business is responsible for.

  • Umbrella liability insurance provides extra protection when your standard policy liability is exhausted.

  • Employment practices liability insurance protects you from lawsuits over alleged discrimination or harassment, or wrongful termination and improper hiring and firing practices.

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