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As an independent insurance agency in Wisconsin, we offer more options than captive or company-employed agencies. Because we represent dozens of insurance carriers, we have the ability to draw from a wider pool of choices to craft the best possible policy for your needs – whether personal or commercial – at the most competitive price. Beyond great prices and products, choosing Dross Countryside Insurance means having a personal advocate on your side. Not only will we handle claims on your behalf and in your best interests, we will work to prevent them from happening in the first place. Many times, finding the best solution comes down to knowing which companies have the best rates for drivers with varying ages and experience, which specialize in small business coverage, which offer more coverage for your collector car, etc. Our agent’s expertise is second to none. We are legal language coverage ‘geeks’ and will use it to your advantage.


When you work with Dross Countryside Insurance, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got our proactive team in your corner always looking for smarter, better ways to protect you.


You care how much we know . . . Know how much we care


Our Core Values

C = Committed to our clients

A = Accountable

R = Respectful and responsive

E = Empathetic

S = Supportive

Mission Statement:  We promise to provide our clients with superior care, knowledge, and expertise, along with options necessary to protect them, their property, and livelihoods by placing them with the best companies, with the best coverage to suit their specific needs at the best value possible. We promise to search for problem solutions, navigate and guide or clients, and be there to help when they needs us most.

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