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Church Insurance

Churches are centers for community events, weddings, celebrations, gatherings, and solace. They host Sunday worships, preschools, daycares, bible study groups, and community meetings. To many people, churches have always been a sanctuary, a place for safety and reflection. However, this does not shield churches from the many risks it may face. On the contrary, these values they provide expose them to liabilities that many other non-profit organizations may not encounter.


Insurance is designed to provide financial stability for the insured. Proper insurance provides the church with peace of mind regarding any financial loss it may incur due to unforeseen circumstances. Churches need insurance so they can protect their assets and continue to serve their mission. Coverages to consider: Church Property, General Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Cyber Liability, Sexual Misconduct Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Counseling Professional Liability, along with coverage for volunteers and social events and mission trips.  Contact DCI with questions.

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