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Motorcycle Insurance

Whether you ride a street bike, cruiser, touring bike, or even a custom chopper, your cycle is synonymous with two things: freedom and adventure. You savor the freedom and excitement of the open road and long for the adventure it brings, but with adventure comes uncertainty, and with freedom comes responsibility. While you may not know what lies over the next hill, the right coverage can ensure that you're prepared for it all.

You can go online and get insurance, but ask yourself what you are really getting. Good advice? Answers to your questions? Options? Help with a claim?

You are required by law to carry certain coverages. Even if you settle for the minimums required, your financial expenses will be substantial. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth.


Understand that the same person who sold you the policy will be the same one helping you when times are tough. You won’t be dialing an 800 number, calling some undisclosed location, rather you will be calling a person you have met, who lives and works in your community, someone who knows that good advice and customer service are essential to keep your business.

We ride; we know!!

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